Solar Products:


1. Grid-interactive solar power unit (5 MW onwards)
2. Off-grid Solar power units (1KW to 1000 kw)
3. Solar power unit with Battery backups (1 KW- 20 KW)
4. Solar power unit for Petrol pump (5 KW -7.5KW-10 KW) More Info>>>
5. Solar power unit for Commercial Buildings (20 kw- 100 kw)
6. Solar power units for Educations institute’s (10KW- 50 KW)
7. Solar power unit for individual Bungalow (1KW,2KW,3KW,5KW)
8. Solar power unit for individual office (1KW,2KW,3KW,5KW)
9. Solar power unit for Bungalow & Farm house (1KW,2KW,3KW,5KW)   More Info>>>
10. Solar power unit for Residential building scheme (1KW to 20 KW) More Info>>>
11. Solar power unit for Industrial load. (As per industrial load Power requirement- Roof top as well as Ground level installations)
12. Solar street light (3 Meter,5Meter,7 meter,9 meter, 11 meter Pole height)- CFL & LED Fittings More Info>>>
13. Solar garden lights
14. Solar pumps for Agricultural (1HP to 20 HP)
15. Solar dryer for Agricultural processing units
16. Solar power pack for Dairy unit (1HP to 5 HP)
17. Solar home light
18. Solar water heater for Domestics & Residential building schemes. More Info>>>
        a. 100 LPD,200 LPD,300LPD,500LPD
        b. 5000 LPD, 10000 LPD & above any quantity as per residential complex & Hostel requirement
19. Industrial Lighting- Low bay, mid bay, High Bay –fittings retrofit with Latest LED Technology for Power savings

Solar Unit specifications– approx. projections for ready reference:

Click Here to Download Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission Phase I.
Click Here to Download Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission Phase II.