We have ample experienced associate staff for project report work such as:

Agricultural projects report writing as per Govt. agencies guideline.
Dairy project, Go down, De-hydration, Solar dryer, Fruits & vegetable processing units,
Agriculturalprocessing unit & pack house projects, Animal husbandry projects, Cold storage & Blast freezer units etc.
Well-water pipeline, farmhouse, cowshed, Banana paper bags m/c.; Dal mill, oil refinery projects, Agri. tourism projects etc
We prepare above & all project report assignments on to pay basis.
Consultancy to entrepreneurs for newBiodiesel projects.
Consultancy to entrepreneurs for Grid interactive solar power project.

1) Biodiesel
   A- Biodiesel supply to industries.
    B- Large scale plantations contracts & seed buyback arrangements.
    C- Bio-fuel research association
    D- Biodiesel processor machinery Design ,mfg.& supply
    E- Oil & FAT testing laboratory.
    F- Biodiesel project consultancy
    G- Online purchase of agricultural commodity goods like Non edible oil seeds,
       Biomass, Maize & Waste vegetable oil, used cooking oil, Palm acid oil,
       Pongamiaoil,castor oil, neem oil, jatropha oil etc, Waste lube oil and
    H- Online trading of - Ethanol, Methanol, Biodiesel, Bio-LDO, Bio-FO,Bio-SKO2 etc,
    I- Business associations with international business houses

2) Solar:
    A) Solar power project
    B) Solar street light & all spare parts.
    C) Solar water heater
    D) Solar photovoltaic panels, Solar inverter, Foundations fittings & Tracker systems.
    E) Solar power unit for Petrol pumps & commercial buildings

3) Industrial LED Light - All types of LED Lighting fittings & retrofits for Electrical cost Conservation

4) Service-
    A) Solar EPC Company
    B) License electrical contractor
    C) Utility Plants AMC Contracts
    D) Consultancy - Grid interactive solar power project Survey & Detailed project report preparation work.

   A) Solar products (Solar street light, Solar power for petrol pump, solar power for commercial building ,school, college, hospital, showroom & manufacturing works etc.)

Solar Power Project Consultancy Services:

Involve in grid interactive & Off Grid solar power project works (SPP),
� Inception report preparation to finalize the solar business proposal
� Arrangement of Financial instt. tie up & External Commercial Borrowing (ECB)
� Site survey and land acquisition
� DPR preparation
� Solar project design & High efficiency solar equipment�s procurement.
� Solar power project installation, erection & commissioning.
� Turnkey project proposal from 1 MW to 100 MW including 5 years� operations.
� PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) &licensing work.
� Highly experience staff & technical working staff to complete the grid interactive solar project time.