Bio Diesel:

Biodiesel is a vast chapter of renewable energy sector, with the help of many agricultural & natural resources & advance technologies following various petroleum product equivalents Bio- fuels can be produced. SCSREPL have vast experienced research team to develop process, process formulations & to produce Biofuels as per Industrial requirement.

Note that vegetable oils and biodiesel are not hydrocarbons because oxygen atoms are present in the structure while gasoline and petro-diesel are true hydrocarbons as they contain molecules like iso-octane and cetane respectively. All these fuels are a relatively efficient energy store and release energy during combustion with Oxygen in a gasoline or diesel engine.
For many years it has been known that vegetable oil can be converted to "Biodiesel". This transformation process is called Trans esterification. This process replaces one type of alcohol (glycerol) with another (in biodiesel ethanol or methanol is used). To convert vegetable oil into biodiesel it is combined with ethanol or methanol in the presence of a catalyst (sodium/potassium hydroxide). In the resulting Trans esterification reaction, the triglyceride structure is "broken" and three ethanol /methanol Molecules replace the glycerol molecule. The result is three separate fatty Acid chains and a waste byproduct of glycerin (that glycerol molecule has to go somewhere). A specific example of a fatty acid found in biodiesel is linoleic acid which has 18 carbon atoms, two of which have double bonds.


Biodiesel –(HSD Equivalent)-Surface Transport auto.vehicle
Biodiesel -(FO Equivalent) Industrial heating and power
Biodiesel –(SKO2 Equivalent)Industrial heating and power
Biodiesel - (LDO Equivalent) Industrial heat and power
Biodiesel -Domestic heat and power
Biodiesel -Marineengine fuels
Bio-lubricants & Greases
Biodiesel Plant and machinery(EPC) Engineering Procurements, Construction of Turnkey plant with Biodiesel Product buyback assurance& Plant operation contracts.
Oil & FAT testing laboratory.
Purchase/Sale- Agricultural commodity goods like Non edible oil seeds, Biomass, Maize and All types of Non edible oil seeds. Click Here to Download NOVOD Board TBO Guideline.
Purchase/Sale- Sale of Waste vegetable oil (WVO), Used cooking oil(UCO), soya acid oil(SAO), Palm acid oil(PAO), Pongamia oil ,castor oil, neem oil, jatropha oil etc. Click Here to Download Seeds Price Chart.
Waste lube oil , Used Tyre, Industrial waste oils.; Edible oil refinery bi-products, Glycerin & Acid oils.
Purchase / Sale - Ethanol, Methanol, H2SO4, KOH, NAOH, and various Process Chemicals.
Purchase / Sale- Laboratory CHEMICLAS
Purchase / Sale- Biofuel process filters; Anti-freezing’s agents; Membrane’s
Purchase / Sale - ETP/STP/WTP-process Chemicals