Who We Are:

Our vision is to develop & supply regularly biofuels equivalent to petro fuels by transforming natural and recovered oil and fats, such as used cooking oil / waste vegetable oil ,Acid oils, Palm acid oil ,Waste lube oil ,Non edible oil seeds & many more recovered through our global supply chain into Biodiesel (FAME ) &high quality sustainable biofuels and lubricants.
In addition to their superior emissions and biodegradability characteristics, our sustainable biodiesel fuels and lubricants are highly competitive in three basic areas (Consumer focusing policy) i.e. Product , quality, delivery &Price
We committo these three main issues of manufacturing & supply of supply of quality product areas means you can expect a competitive price, regular supply & reliable performance, from biodiesel and bio lubricants delivered in time and meeting the required specification every time.
We have highly qualified management team with strong skills, experience and capabilities. Our team has deep expertise in the biofuels, waste recovery and refining sectors, alongside research and development (R&D), commodities supply chain management, trade finance and mergers and acquisitions (M&A).
Alongside our partners, we are investing into the creation of some of the largest sustainable biofuel plants in India with the aim of reaching a total refining capacity of 16500 MT/Year in first phase & 50000 MT/year in second phase.
This excellent combination of management talent, technology, infrastructure and targeted investment is driving SCS Renewable energy private limited to becoming a leading sustainable biofuels business in India & Asia

What We Do:

We manufacture & supply:

Biodiesel -Surface Transport
Biodiesel -Marine
Biodiesel -Industrial heat and power (FO Equivalent)
Biodiesel -Industrial heat and power (SKO2 Equivalent)
Biodiesel -Industrial heat and power (LDO Equivalent)
Biodiesel -Domestic heat and power
Bio-lubricants & Greases
Biodiesel Plant and machinery(EPC) Engineering Procurements, Construction of Turnkey plant with Biodiesel Product buyback assurance& Plant operation contracts.

Solar power

• Solar power project – EPC Contracts
• Grid interactive Solar power projects
• Off-grid Solar power project
• Solar power for Education institutes (1Kw to 100 Kw)
• Solar power for Commercial complex (10 Kw to 1000 Kw)
• Solar power for Industrial load (1 MW to 10 MW)
• Commercial solar power projects under JNNSM (05 MW onwards)
• Solar power for Agricultural equipment’s (Solar water pumps & solar equipment’s )
• Solar street light projects
• Solar water heaters
• Solar Batteries & solar inverters
• Importer & Distributors of High efficiency solar photovoltaic panels, Solar Inverters ,CFL & LED Light fittings & Solar equipment’s

Why Us:


Strong backward integration of raw material procurement.8 Years + hands on experience of various feedstock process in to Biodiesel referring ASTM standards. Experience in rural sector – Plantation & Procurements of Non edible TBO’s & oils. Ownership of large scale plantations of various non-edible TBO’s. Oil & FAT, Petroleum products testing laboratory & Biodiesel processing pilot plant. Biofuel research association with 200+ PG Education institutes & universities across the India for development of efficient biofuel products from Indian originated agricultural feedstock’s & from refinery bi-products. Biodiesel pilot plant facility & 8 years+ operation experienced staff for the same. 500 KL Biodiesel storage depot (Under construction) to strengthen to supply chain of Biodiesel. 50 KLPD Biodiesel processing refinery units (Under construction). Till date got many awards & rewards from National, International organization’s & Govt. of India. Got recognition from President of India Dr. APJ Abdul kalam sir . Available h ighly educated & BD Production & testing skilled manpower.

SOLAR Business

Highly experience staff & technical working staff to complete the grid interactive solar project in time. Government & private sector power generation, Transmission & distribution HT /LT 20 YEARS+ experience. Involve in grid interactive & Off Grid solar power project (SPP), Involve in grid interactive & Off Grid solar power project (SPP), Inception report preparation to finalize the solar business proposal Arrangement of Financial instt. tie up & External Commercial Borrowing (ECB) Site survey and land acquisition DPR preparation Solar project design & High efficiency solar equipment’s procurement. Solar power project installation, erection & commissioning. Turnkey project proposal from 1 MW to 100 MW including 5 years’ operations. PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) &licensing work. Highly experience staff & technical working staff to complete the grid interactive solar project time.

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