Bio Diesel Products

1. Biodiesel –(HSD Equivalent)-Surface Transportauto.vehicle
2. Biodiesel -(FO Equivalent) Industrial heating and power
3. Biodiesel –(SKO2 Equivalent)Industrial heating and power
4. Biodiesel - (LDO Equivalent) Industrial heat and power
5. Biodiesel -Domestic heat and power
6. Biodiesel -Marineengine fuels
7. Bio-lubricants & Greases
8. Biodiesel Plant and machinery(EPC) Engineering Procurements, Construction of Turnkey plant with Biodiesel Product buyback assurance& Plant operation contracts.
9. Oil & FAT testing laboratory.
10. Purchase/Sale- Agricultural commodity goods like Non edible oil seeds, Biomass, Maize And All types of Non edible oil seeds (>Oil constraints 15%)
11. Purchase/Sale- Sale of Waste vegetable oil (WVO), Used cooking oil(UCO), soya acid oil(SAO), Palm acid oil(PAO), Pongamia oil ,castor oil, neem oil, jatropha oil etc, Waste lube oil , Used Tyre, Industrial waste oils.; Edible oil refinery bi-products, Glycerin & Acid oils.
12. Purchase / Sale - Ethanol, Methanol, H2SO4, KOH, NAOH, and various Process Chemicals.
13. Purchase / Sale- Laboratory CHEMICLAS
14. Purchase / Sale- Biofuel process filters; Anti-freezing’s agents; Membrane’s
15. Purchase / Sale - ETP/STP/WTP-process Chemicals
Biodiesel is a vast chapter of renewable energy sector, with the help of many agricultural & natural resources & advance technologies following various petroleum product equivalents Bio- fuels can be produced. SCSREPL have vast experienced research team to develop process, process formulations & to produce Biofuels as per Industrial requirement.

Solar Products

1. Grid-interactive solar power unit (5 MW onwards)
2. Off-grid Solar power units (1KW to 1000 kw)
3. Solar power unit with Battery backups (1 KW- 20 KW)
4. Solar power unit for Petrol pump (5 KW -7.5KW-10 KW)
5. Solar power unit for Commercial Buildings (20 kw- 100 kw)
6. Solar power units for Educations institute’s (10KW- 50 KW)
7. Solar power unit for individual Bungalow (1KW,2KW,3KW,5KW)
8. Solar power unit for individual office (1KW,2KW,3KW,5KW)
9. Solar power unit for Bungalow & Farm house (1KW,2KW,3KW,5KW)
10. Solar power unit for Residential building scheme (1KW to 20 KW)
11. Solar power unit for Industrial load. (As per industrial load Power requirement- Roof top as well as Ground level installations)
12. Solar street light (3 Meter,5Meter,7 meter,9 meter, 11 meter Pole height)- CFL & LED Fittings
13. Solar garden lights
14. Solar pumps for Agricultural (1HP to 20 HP)
15. Solar dryer for Agricultural processing units
16. Solar power pack for Dairy unit (1HP to 5 HP)
17. Solar home light & Garden lights
18. Solar water heater for Domestics & Residential building schemes.-
a. 100 LPD,200 LPD,300LPD,500LPD
b. 5000 LPD, 10000 LPD &Above any quantity as per residential complex & Hostel requirement
19. Industrial Lighting- Low bay, mid bay, High Bay –fittings retrofit with Latest LED Technology for Power savings

Solar EPC

• Turnkey project - Rain water harvesting
• Turnkey project - Solar Street light
• Turnkey project - Biodiesel processor & Turnkey projects
• Turnkey project - Solar power project equipment’s
• Domestic wind mill & hybrid power project (1kw to 20 kw)
• Municipal solid waste to Green coal Turnkey projects (Along with buyback arrangements)
• Green building projects
• Solar dryer for Agricultural post harvesting process.
• Bio coal & Bio briquette unit
• Biogas domestic units for Cooking & Lighting Applications
• Hot water boilers
• Oil mill & Dal mill projects
• Biodiesel plant & Machinery mfg.& supply
• Mfg. of Elect. Hardware material & overhead LT line material